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you know the feeling. The salty

taste .swollen heart pierced eyes.

I feel disconnected with myself at

this point in the system .I’m

trying to connect emotions with

feelings but my hope is fading .I’m

drowning .drowning with the heavy

conscience. drowning with life’s

pain. the air is filled with déjà

vu. the earth is filled with

misery .like I died. I feel my

bones deteriorating. my mind is

swollen with the thoughts of being

free. I’m suffocated with the idea

that I won’t make it out. I won’t

make it to the brink. i’m filled

with anxiety and worry and fear

fear. Fear that I won’t pass the

test that lies before me. I stretch

my hand out and wait. wait in the

silence. the sorrow. the weight of

the world has crushed me.

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