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As the hours of 2018 wind down

I’ve made my mind up to forget all

the toxic waste in the past. It’s so

surreal thinking about started a

new chapter in life . Surreal but

practical bc I’ve been doing it for

20 years now . But this time it’s

different. It feels different and

even taste different. All the Blurry

parts of my life are coming

together. I’m finally able to think

for myself and do things that I’ve

always wanted t do . I am

fearless . Fearless in a way of

being oblivious to what people

think . Funny right ? Me of all

people finally not caring what

people think . Well it’s my time

now , I feel it more now than

ever . The earth has spoken to

me but now she doesn’t whisper

she shouts . She’s screams that

this is our time. The new

generation. It’s time to be the

change the the world is needing .

There are truly no more tears left

to cry . There’s no time for that

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